Books I read in January

I've gotten this year off to a decent start with respect to reading. I actually got through several books in the first month, after despairing in December that I never had time to read and when I did, I couldn't pay attention to anything. So I want to chronicle it while I'm on a roll, and hopefully get a better record of what I liked/disliked than just my goodreads ratings (pretty much everything gets a 3 star rating from me there, and I almost never comment. So it's maybe less than useful for reflection/reference purposes).

Let's Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir, by Jenny Lawson.  I really, really liked the beginning of this book.  By the end, I just couldn't take it anymore.  Part of it might have been that I got to a point where I was reading stories I was already familiar with from her blog, or maybe I just have to do The Bloggess in small doses with long breaks in between.  I don't know.  I actually quit before finishing, but I'm counting it as read anyway because of the blog-reading.  And then I had to quit her blog, and unfollow her on twitter.  I'll go back, I'm sure, I just overdosed or something.

The Reformed Vampire Support Group, by Catherine Jinks. Decent YA take on vampires; a group has sworn off drinking human blood & formed a support group led by a non-vampire priest. They end up rescuing a werewolf who's been held captive & made to participate in dogfights. Which leads to...

The Abused Werewolf Rescue Group, by Catherine Jinks.  Not as good.  I listened to the audiobook, which I think decreased my enjoyment significantly (a couple of the voices were super annoying).  And it seems like it's written for a younger young adult than the previous book was.  I listened to almost all of it but turned it off in a fit when the voices got to me.  If I do many more of these lists, you will eventually notice a trend of me getting within reach of finishing a book and then chucking it. Or not getting far at all, and chucking it.  I have very little patience, and there's too much else to read, to stick with stuff I don't like.  Anyway.

The Ramen King and I: How the Inventor of Instant Noodles Fixed My Love Life, by Andy Raskin.  Have you read books liked Yes Man or The Year of Living Biblically? This is very similar.  The author makes it his quest to meet the inventor of instant ramen noodles, and in the meantime, his romantic life is a complete mess.  Unrelated, yes, but you see how he deals with each thing parallel-ly.  Yes, that is a word.

Sharp Objects, by Gillian Flynn.  I liked this better than Gone Girl. I didn't love it.  I thought the story was interesting but not compelling. Like, I feel like I went through both of these books superficially, never getting drawn in at all.  It all felt very matter-of-fact.  Maybe it's me, I don't know.  But I will say this: girlfriend knows her way around sociopaths.

The Maze Runner, by James Dashner.  I really, really, really liked this.  Oh, MAN, was it good.


Oooh, I'll check out the Maze Runner. Thanks!!